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         Fascinated by science, Pierre Brault perfected his technique and know-how in his creative studio, which he has imagined and conceived as a research lab. 


His work revolves around the experience of light and color and takes the form of brightly colored compositions. Like in a construction game, the artist plays with the composition/decomposition of geometrical shapes made of translucent Plexiglas slates, a minute etching work he produces in his studio. 

Once assembled and put in volume, his pieces work like sundials. Following a circular trajectory, the natural light changes and stretches while going through them. The refraction of the translucent Plexiglas slates tints the works and spreads bright colors around. The course of the sun thus generates constantly moving shadows. 


While they release a soothing yet vibrant energy, Pierre Brault’s works invite us to contemplate and seize the present moment. A tribute to the beauty of nature, the cycle of life, and renewal. 

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