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In response to the frenetic pace of modern society, Pierre Brault encourages us to decelerate, advocating a ‘slow life mindset’, one which is better aligned with the planet’s resources. Yet despite his concerns about biodiversity and conservation, his work represents an optimistic vision of the world. Mindful and uplifting, his compositions function in the same way as a sundial, refracting the light to create a spectrum of radiant colours and grounding us in the present moment while cultivating an awareness of space and time. 

Pierre Brault studied art in Paris where he still lives today. His early interest in art was piqued by the Impressionists, specifically Monet and his Nympheas, and the Kinetic art movement, both of which have had a clear influence on his work. The Moroccan Royal family have acquired many of Brault’s unique works, as have numerous French collectors, and since 2016 he has collaborated with numerous luxury brands.   

“My work comes to life with the passage of light.
The refraction of shadows overlaps and reveals new colours
which are released by light and movement.” 

pierre brault artiste designer
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Exceptional collaborations



Creation of a unique artwork
in recycled plexiglass for the Lancôme exhibition «The Art of Absolue» in Shanghai (2023)
+ 400 000 visitors

IMG_8511 2.JPG


European campaign design
for a sushi box, including print and digital media (2023)
+ 30 000 box sold out


Creation of a unique artwork for the french singer Matt Pokora. The work will be auctioned off for the Télévie association,

in aid of cancer research (2024)

Sold for €78,778.05



Original XXL creation for the Made in France exhibition at the Elysée Palace (2021)

+12 000 visitors

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